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Since 2000, we are a company specializing in electronic reprogramming and our mission is optimizing the original performance of vehicles, changing engine-operating standards, increasing their performance, and efficiency within the mechanical limits and laws against the emission of pollutants.

A person who needs more power than an average driver, no matter where in the city, in a free line or on your favorite road, the Powerful can easily help you to unlock this hidden power in a simple reprogramming of your vehicle software, optimizing performance and efficiency, offering the opportunity to extract the true potential without extreme changes. Making possible a reversal at any time without losing the originality of the vehicle. It is possible to achieve a power of 10 to 15% higher in aspirated vehicles, 30 to 40% by turbo-powered tablets or flex fuel ones, the turbo-diesel engines 20 to 30%.

During the reprogramming of the engineering are used different technologies, the most current and reliable market, among them are Dimsport, Flashtec and Piasini engineering.

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Powerful Reprogramming