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The company Since 2000, we are a company specializing in electronic reprogramming and our mission is optimizing the original performance of vehicles, changing engine-operating standards, increasing their performance, and efficiency within the mechanical limits and laws against the emission of pollutants.

A person who needs more power than an average driver, no matter where in the city, in a free line or on your favorite road, the Powerful can easily help you to unlock this hidden power in a simple reprogramming of your vehicle software, optimizing performance and efficiency, offering the opportunity to extract the true potential without extreme changes. Making possible a reversal at any time without losing the originality of the vehicle. It is possible to achieve a power of 10 to 15% higher in aspirated vehicles, 30 to 40% by turbo-powered tablets or flex fuel ones, the turbo-diesel engines 20 to 30%.

During the reprogramming of the engineering are used different technologies, the most current and reliable market, among them are EVC eletronics, Dimsport, Flashtec and Piasini engineering.

Unfortunately, competitors who uses similar names trying to compensate for the lack of “know-how” with a questionable philosophy deceiving consumers with erroneous data, do not report our success. Choose carefully your reprogramming company because only few of them aim at quality and professionalism.

Our highly skilled professionals are equipped with an online development laboratory where the reprogramming is done and "tropicalized" according to climate conditions and quality of our fuel, enjoying the best that the European technology can offer. Personalized services, by appointment only, for residents outside the state of São Paulo contact for shipping instructions.

Process: » Off-Board:

After the injection module to be removed from the vehicle, it opens through the desoldering process, reading and reprogramming. After carrying out all the changes, the chip in which is stored the program "upgrade" is welded with all new parameters and new performance.

Process: » Via Cable:

The injection module is accessed by the diagnostic socket of the vehicle through a cable connected to a laptop. Today is the fastest method of all, for easy access to programming to be changed, avoiding handling with welds and components; however it is a technique that is typically used to facilitate access to the module, thus making possible its reprogramming in any location, including at a customer site.

Process: » On-Board:

The most advanced techniques of which the schedule to be changed is located within one of the processors. After the injection module to be removed from the vehicle, open, programming is accessed directly on the processor, after passing through a reading, reprogramming will be written directly to him with specific adapters for each vehicle, avoiding the removal of chips or components. Currently found in most modern vehicles.

How reprogramming?

After using one of our programming reading processes, it is stored a new process which is initiated, the optimization. The original schedule contains several factors that are analyzed and changed focusing on the performance boost, among them are: delay and injection timing advance, lambda probe control, angle and speed of opening of the throttle body, gas reflux , turbo pressure, limiting the maximum speed, rpm and torque limiting, working temperature, and acceleration loads.

It is possible to detect reprogramming?

No, interactively software is invisible, where the increased power and torque are immediately detected soon after the vehicle is driven. Diagnostic factors of vehicle manufacturers are not changed during reprogramming, causing continue working as factory original.

What about fuel consumption?

Someone who takes his style "normal" driving in daily life, will have a slight reduction in fuel consumption. Our reprogramming are designed to take advantage of all the fuel injected, anticipating the appearance of higher torque at lower revs schemes, a vehicle with more torque becomes more economical performing a "burn" more homogeneous fuel literally clearing the mix of factors " rich "in fuel quantity preset by the manufacturers of the vehicles.

Can we revert?

Yes at any time desired by the client. Whatever your reason, not changing its originality.

When programming is reverted to the original, Can I use it again?

No. Every new program is developed specifically for each vehicle according to its characteristics, technical specifications and coding, making it impossible to reuse.